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     07 марта 2013

Geman Real Estate News. January Weeks 2/3

A number of media (including DIE WELT, the B?RSEN ZEITUNG, and the S?DDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG on 16 January as well as the FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG on 18 January) covered the “7th Trend Barometer Real Estate Investment Market Germany 2013” published by Ernst & Young Real Estate, and based on the market assessments of around 120 companies active in Germany.
Источник: Dr.ZitelmannPB. GmbH
     07 марта 2013

German Real Estate News. January, week 1

On 4 January, the FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG, the HANDELSBLATT and DIE WELT covered a representative survey that GfK conducted on behalf of the BdB Association of German Banks which suggests that nearly one in every two Germans would invest in real estate if they had larger amounts of money on hand. For most Germans, security is the chief priority in financial investments. Even after the surge of the DAX last year, private investors apparently aim to stay away from stocks in 2013.
Источник: Dr.ZitelmannPB. GmbH
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