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Geman Real Estate News. January Weeks 2/3

      07 марта 2013

A number of media (including DIE WELT, the BÖRSEN ZEITUNG, and the SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG on 16 January as well as the FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG on 18 January) covered the “7th Trend Barometer Real Estate Investment Market Germany 2013” published by Ernst & Young Real Estate, and based on the market assessments of around 120 companies active in Germany. The survey findings suggest that Germany will see a keen demand for real estate in 2013, and that the transaction volume will maintain its high level. The German real estate market has stood its ground in a difficult environment, according the Hartmut Fründ of Ernst & Young Real Estate. The transaction volume achieved in 2012 approximated 36 billion euros. Aside from the low interest level, demand was mainly driven by the sustained run on tangibles, among other factors. Nine out of ten poll respondents quoted inflation fears as one of the reasons for the attractiveness of German real estate. Moreover, the number of large-scale transactions has resurged, especially in the housing segment, but also in regard to retail and office real estate, said Christian Schulz-Wulkow of Ernst & Young Real Estate.
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