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German Real Estate News. January, week 1

      07 марта 2013

On 4 January, the FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG, the HANDELSBLATT and DIE WELT covered a representative survey that GfK conducted on behalf of the BdB Association of German Banks which suggests that nearly one in every two Germans would invest in real estate if they had larger amounts of money on hand. For most Germans, security is the chief priority in financial investments. Even after the surge of the DAX last year, private investors apparently aim to stay away from stocks in 2013. Barely 9% of the investors said they could imagine accepting future investments with a higher  risk in order to achieve higher returns, if possible. Men turned out to be more willing than women to embrace risks. While the percentage of male investors who would rather not or not at all accept higher risks for higher returns is 86%, the safety-mindedness of women is even higher at 96%. When asked which investment products they were likely to favour in 2013 if they had to invest a large amount of money, 46% of the respondents chose real estate. Next in line were time deposits (45%), overnight deposits (42%), gold (30%), fund shares (23%), equity (18%) and other precious metals (11%). Especially real estate was said to have gained considerably in popularity since last year: Just 17% of the poll respondents had wished to invest their money in houses and plots in 2012. Well over half of those Germans (52%) who invested substantial amounts in 2012 are satisfied with the performance of their investments. The investment products most popular among Germans were time deposits and overnight deposits.
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